• Empire Storage Christchurch BELFAST: 199 Belfast Rd, Belfast, Christchurch 8051
  • Empire Storage Facility In Christchurch KAINGA: 15 Empire Road, Kainga, Christchurch, 8083


Q: What can I store?

A: If it fits, you can store it. Business documents to household furniture, to motorbikes, cars, boats, and even caravans.

Q: What can’t I store?

A: For health and safety reasons we do not allow fresh food, chemicals, flammable substances, explosives, firearms or illegal and stolen items.

Q: Are your units clean and dry?

A: Yes our units are purpose built self-storage quality garages built by Versatile.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our self-storage units are very affordable. The cost depends on the size of the unit. To find out more please contact Steve.

Q: How soon can I move in?

A: Today, if we have the right sized unit that you want available.

Q: Can you help me move in?

A: We are not a removal company, however we have a couple of reliable removal companies we can recommend. We also have a courtesy trailer available for your convenience.

Q: Is your office manned?

A: Yes we are at our home office at 199 Belfast Rd, but please call first just in case.

Q: What paper work is involved?

A: You must sign our self-storage licence agreement when you move in. This is a legally binding document, outlining the terms and conditions of your occupancy.

Q: Do I need to bring photo ID?

A: Yes to sign up you must provide a valid drivers licence or passport, we will take a copy.

Q: What hours can I access my unit?

A: Access is from 7.00am to 9.30pm 365 days of the year. The restriction in hours is part of our comprehensive security.

Q: Will my possessions be insured while they’re in storage?

A: We’re approved by the major insurance companies. To be covered by your current insurance should just take a phone call to your insurer. Or we can provide you with an insurance broker who can arrange insurance for your possessions.

Q: Who can access my unit?

A: You lock the unit with your key and we recommend using your own padlock, so only people who have both your access card and your padlock key can access your unit.

Q: Do you have good security?

A: Our security is second to none in Christchurch. All facilities are security fenced. Access is through an automatic gate by swipe card. Units are individually alarmed, and alarms are monitored 24/7. We have 24/7 security cameras at Empire Rd, and we live on site at Belfast Rd.

Q: How can I pay my rent?

A: We prefer that you set up an automatic payment to pay your rent but you can call into our office and pay with either cheque or cash.

Q: Can I pay weekly?

A: After the initial month you can pay weekly or fortnightly if that suits you. If you’d like pay on a particular day, we can charge you a part month or week to move your bill day to the day that works for you.

Q: Will I receive invoices?

A: We do not normally provide invoices, however we are happy to email you a monthly GST invoice if requested?

Q: What’s the minimum time I can rent a unit for?

A: One month. When you move in we’ll charge you a calendar month plus a $50.00 bond.

Q: Is there a limit on how long I can rent a unit for?

A: No. Your storage agreement will extend automatically each month after any agreed rental term until you choose to terminate it.

Q: What happens when I no longer need my storage unit?

A: We require at least two weeks’ notice confirming that you are terminating your agreement. Any unused rent will be refunded directly into your bank account.

Q: Will I get my bond back when I leave?

A: When you have returned your access card and key, and your storage unit is empty, clean and swept out, we will refund your bond directly into your bank account.

Q: How much does it cost to rent your trailer?

A: Our trailer is free for our customers but must be booked. We have one 8 x 4ft cage trailer.

Q: Can I upsize or downsize my self-storage unit?

A: Yes. If we have the size you want available, you can upsize or downsize at any time.

Q: Do you sell boxes?

A: Unfortunately not yet, we are looking to sell boxes and a range of other products in the near future, please enquire with Steve for an update on our progress. We plan to have various size removal boxes, white packing paper, tissue paper, black markers, tape and tape dispensers, box cutter knifes, bubble wrap, mattress protector bags and lounge suite protectors and padlocks for sale at our office sometime in the near future.

Q: Will my removal company's truck fit in your facility?

A: Our sites are designed so that furniture trucks can have vehicle access, please let us know if you have a removal truck so we can provide you with the most accessible storage unit.